Consignment Terms

The consignment period is 90 days.  All item(s) must be in good working condition.  Sale price will be established by Feels Like Home, LLC, thereafter known as the consignee.  For the first 60 days, price is set.  The last 30 days the price will be discounted by 25%.  Consignor’s portion of the proceeds will be 50% of what the item(s) sells for.  If item(s) do not sell within 90 days, Consignor will have 3 business days to reclaim the item(s).  After this period, the item(s) will become property of the consignee. 

The item(s) above have been delivered to the consignee ready to be sold.  I agree to hold the consignee free from any loss or damage to above item(s). 

Consignors are paid for the item(s) sold and checks will be mailed on the 15th, following the month of the sale.  Checks under $10 will be carried over to the next month. 

How To Consign Your Items

  • Consignors must submit pictures and description of items to be reviewed before bringing their items in.  This will help us to determine if we will accept the items. 
  • Once we have agreed to accept the items, consignors need to make an appointment to bring their accepted items in.  Generally, items are  accepted on Mondays and Tuesday.  Please call (309)256-0376 to book your appointment.