About Us

How We Got Started

It all started in 2013 when Ann had a simple surgery that did not go as planned. Post surgery she had many health complications, including some brain issues, which resulted in life-altering changes. Due to these changes, Ann was unable to return to work. She and her husband, Thom, decided to move to Florida to be closer to their daughter and began making preparations to do so. But God had other plans! He told Ann she was to stay in Peoria and open a shop that would be an outreach for people to feel the love of Jesus. No matter how many objections Ann came up with God continued to light the path. There were many bumps along the road but God continues to open doors at just the right time. With the support of family, many friends and their strong faith in God, they continue to follow His Path and try their best to make Feels Like Home what God intended it to be.

Our Philosophy

Feels Like Home is different than your typical consignment shop.   We were founded on Christian principles, and that still plays a large role in our business today.   All of our workers are volunteers from the Christian community who believe in Ann’s mission of sharing their faith, prayer, and love with others.  Many of our customers don't just come in to purchase incredible goods; they come in for prayer, encouragement, and fellowship. In fact, our entire business is rooted in faith and love for the community!

Come see the difference of shopping at Feels Like Home.  We know you'll love our set up and all the incredible items we have in stock. And we guarantee that you'll always be greeted with a warm welcome.